Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Overdrive


  • Three-mode Overdrive pedal
  • Wide range of tones thanks to 3 distinct modes
  • 3 overdrive modes with different clipping modes: Smooth, Crunch, Bright
  • Smooth: Soft clipping silicon diodes. Clean and smooth.
  • Crunch: Soft and Hard clipping silicon diodes with slight low-end boost. Crunchy and edgy.
  • Bright: Soft and Hard clipping diodes of “Crunch” mode with pre-clipping low-end cut. Bright and glassy.
  • Simplified controls to make it easy for newer pedal users to dial in precise and emotional sounds
  • Textured black finish with red and off white ink
  • Diecast enclousre size: 11.43 x 6.1 x 5.8 cm
  • Power requirement: 9V DC 100mA
  • The use of an isolated power supply is recommended
  • Power Supply not included
  • Designed and assembled at Walrus Audio HQ in OKC, USA.

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The Fundamental Drive is a versatile overdrive that allows for a wide range of tones thanks to its three-mode switch. It’s the perfect tool at the front of your chain to set the tone for your whole rig.

The Gain slider sets the amount of gain applied to your guitar signal passing through the overdrive circuit.
The Tone slider controls the amount of high-frequency level reduction.
The Volume slider sets the overall output volume of the pedal.

The slide switch allows you to change between 3 distinct flavors of the pedal. Each position has different clipping modes or tone profiles.

  • Smooth: A classic soft-clipping silicon overdrive. Clean and smooth.
  • Crunch: Silicon soft clipping with added hard clipping silicon diodes and a slight low-end boost. Crunchy and edgy.
  • Bright: Silicon soft and hard clipping from the Crunch mode with a pre-clipping low-end cut. Bright and glassy.

For the Fundamental Series, the team at Walrus Audio challenged themselves to design a set of pedals with the tonal integrity that’s required to live on a professional’s pedalboard, but with simplified controls friendly enough for even the newest effect pedal users. Each Fundamental pedal has three sliders for tweaking the sound and a three-way switch for changing pedal modes. The result is a line of pedals that will keep you covered from your first band practice all the way to a sold-out arena. Designed and assembled at Walrus Audio headquarters in Oklahoma City, USA.