Martin D-28



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Sometimes innovation is in the details and this is certain-ly true with Martin’s re-imagined D-28. After nearly acentury at the helm, and as the quintessential workhorseof music legends like Hank Williams, The Beatles,Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and so manymore, Martin’s legendary D-28 has been lovingly andartfully enhanced. “The post WWII D-28 had a slight-ly different look than its predecessor and became thecenterpiece of the folk and folk rock movements at theirpinnacle in the 1950s and 1960s.” says Chris Martin IV,Chairman and CEO of Martin Guitar, “We haveextracted the nest features from the D-28 of both mygrandfather’s and my father’s respective eras.” The allnew D-28 blends the rich history of the guitar withMartin’s newest and most heralded innovations. The184 year old guitar maker has combined vintageappointments, including open gear tuners, an agedtoner top, antique white accents, and a faux tortoisepickguard with a new neck pro le to give D-28enthusiasts a modern feel and comfortable playingexperience. Martin has also added forward-shiftedbracing to allow greater vibration of the top.The legend just got better!