Ibanez Mini Tremolo

Ibanez Mini Tremolo


– True Bypass Switching
– Level trim pot
– Made in Japan
– 100% Analog Circuitry

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Part of the MINI pedal family, the Made in Japan TRMINI Tremolo features a three-knob configuration; Wave, Speed, and Depth. It also features a Level trim pot which enables boosting the overall affected sound. A true bypass switch provides the shortest, most direct signal path as well as the cleanest tone. The 100% analog circuitry offers amazingly natural tremolo tones. The TRMINI is a classic, warm, and full-sounding tremolo pedal that’s also economical on pedalboard space!

•Wave, Depth and Speed controls
•True Bypass
•Level trim pot
•Required Current: 13mA@9V
•Power Supply: External DC 9 volt AC adapter(Center-negative)


Wave, Depth and Speed.

True bypass

True bypass switching provides the shortest, most direct signal path, as well as the cleanest tone.
Input is on the right side. Output is on the left side.

Required Current

Required Current: 13mA@9V
Power Supply: External AC adapter (Use only DC 9V (Center-negative))

Level Trim Pot

Level Trim Pot: Level Trim Pod enables us to boost the effected sound.


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